I am back!

I am back after a long time,not too long but yes three to four months is a bit longer!

So where did I go? No where!!

I was here only at my sweet home but I decided to give an entrance exam for my masters degree. The exam is for one of the premier institutes of my country and so its a bit tougher and hence I had to dedicate some time for its preparation. The last three months was a fantastic experience for me. I know studying isn’t fantastic for everyone but I enjoyed it!

Sorry my followers, you didn’t get any interesting stuff to read from me from three months! I know I have very few followers as its a new blog but still!

My exam was on November 29 and it was in afternoon. I know afternoon exams are a bit tiring but I was helpless,I got the second slot. Moreover the guys threw my exam center far away from my house and I had to leave early in morning by train. Anyways, its over now and the exam went quite fine. The result is in January. I wish I get selected this year only.

Soon I will be presenting some new posts and you will love reading it!



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