So it’s Saturday. I am sitting free at home. Though it doesn’t matters much to me as this is vacation for me! I recently completed my graduation and I am placed in a good multinational company. But they will call me after around 4 months! So now I am a free bird. Cool!

I can do whatever I want, whatever I enjoy, whatever I feel like doing! I have no tension and no deadline! I am just enjoying life now. I read novels, watch movie, hang out with friends, spend time with my family, listen to the great speakers of all time on the internet,click amazing shots of nature, write blog posts and even read articles based on technology! After all I did my graduation in engineering!

I am discovering something in me which I have never discovered before. The best of yourself can be discovered when you are free! I have found some of the things which I like by this time but I am still hungry to find out that one thing that could give me extreme pleasure! Haha, of course apart from sex!

I would say to everyone to take time to find your true interests. Don’t just follow your friends and peers but just wake up. Go and discover your true destiny. Do painting, write stories, sing or compose songs, write a blog, give public speeches, have a look at some interesting technology, do photography, try various foods and the list never ends. You never know for which of these you might be made for and which can transform your life. So just keep on trying various stuffs till you get something which gives you the adrenaline rush!

You will be amused to find your unknown destiny when you discover it. So never give up, have the thirst and let the search go on. Let us together search our destiny! Wow, we can even share with each other if we find it!

Now I have a very simple question for you my friends, why don’t you like and follow my blog when you can do it in just one click!



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