Around 10 major religions!

More than 4200 total religions!

Almost infinite sects within religions!

What were the religions made for?

They were made so that, we human beings, could live in harmony and be happy!

But what are we doing with religion today?

We are just loving our religion and hating other religion. Under the disguise of protecting their religion, many people are hurting sentiments of other people!

Is it what religion was made for? We have actually forgot the true meaning of religion. We are performing more of rituals and understanding less of knowledge that religion intended to teach us. Most people think that if they just visit church, temple, mosque or whatever their worshiping place, god will be happy with them and will give them happiness. But if you go through the teachings of few religions, you will find that all the religions have one common teaching – to help other people and give them happiness!

However, this is what we are not doing!

Some people are very keen on spreading and protecting their religion. They very strongly protest against the things which they think does not comply with their religious practices. They say that they know how to protect their god!! Oh hello, you are a tiny creature on a small planet of a large solar system of an even large galaxy of the larger universe and you are trying to protect the creator of all these stuff! How funny is that. Remember, god can protect himself.

In today’s life, instead of happiness and a feeling of strength what religion is leading to is a more of fight! Everyday we hear some attack because of religious issue!

Also, why most people follow religious practices is because of fear! They don’t visit church or temples because they love the god from heart but because they want some of their work to be done. As you can see with some students, they will not worship god during entire year but will do so during their exams!

Why do we forget to understand that god is only one – with just many forms!

God created all of us. He didn’t create religions. He sent all of us with a similar body structure (of course a bit different for males and females!) without any identification mark of any religion. Religions were created by human beings for our own well-being, to have a feeling of strength when everything is against us. I am not of the opinion that we should not follow religion or be atheist but what I mean is we should even respect other religions and their followers. Remember that everyone’s creator is one and the same!

Our world can be a very better place to live if we all live together with harmony and respect all religions. Every religion has something to learn and some of them are superstitions.

It is up to us to choose the right things from all religions and inculcate it in our lives.

I would like to hear your thoughts and outlook in comments!


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