I was bored.

Little bit frustrated.

To some extent was feeling lethargic.

It was the effect of a long busy schedule, which almost everyone on this earth is suffering!

So, I called up one of my friend and asked, “Why not we spare some time and enjoy the beauty of nature? Why not visit a beach?” Without thinking much he agreed to it and it was all set that in the evening we will go out for a walk on beach, for a deep satisfaction and happiness I must say!

As decided, we stepped out for an evening walk on the beach. You will not believe me but the cool sea breeze seemed to carry away all my worries, all my stress and I don’t know how but I was feeling a kind of eternal happiness! May be because I was having a very busy and stressful schedule for the last few months.

Those of you who already read my ‘very first post’ might remember that I got the idea to start my blog on that beach only! We enjoyed some of our favorite foods there. It was fun watching small children playing football there. It made me remember my childhood days. We sometimes get so busy in our daily lives that we actually forget to ‘live’. But I think there is no point in living life without enjoying small and little things like the sunrise, the sunset, the butterfly sitting on flower, the waves of sea splashing our body, and many such things! 

We even did a bit of photography. Though we had only our cell phones with us and no digital SLR cameras! However we enjoyed taking pictures of all the little stuffs here and there!



sunset 1

From now on, I have made it a kind a routine to go out somewhere every weekend and enjoy the beauty of nature.

After all we have got a ‘life’ which is a ‘treasure’ and we must not just waste our days in doings the things which don’t bring happiness to us!

So all my friends who are giving their precious time to read my blog, please remember that at the end, in your deathbed what you will remember is not your money, not your professional work but what you will mainly remember is the small-small happiness which you gave to other people and the small-small things which gave happiness to you. So let us live life to the fullest. Let’s go to some resort, watch an exciting movie with friends and family, take risks and do stuffs which we love to do!

In one of the books of the great author “Robin Sharma”, a line inspired me much. It said,

“Bring a smile on a stranger’s face each day and you will feel extreme happiness”

I have already started to try it and believe me, the kind of happiness you get is ultimate. This is because you are helping the stranger without any expectation in return!

So let us together make this world a better place by spreading happiness!

Likes and comments will be appreciated 🙂

I am new to the bloggers community and I would feel very nice if you all encourage me 🙂


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