Sometimes you learn better when you are alone,

Sometimes being last helps you better than being first,

Sometimes it’s not about being better than everyone,

Sometimes it’s just a big setback that you need one!


Don’t get lost by a failure,

Don’t feel hopeless because everyone else has progressed,

It may be just that it’s not the right time for you,

The right day will come soon for you!


Let the failure set a fire deep inside you,

Keep the flame burning fierce inside you,

Transform the flame into desire and motivation that you need,

You will soon be set to sustain the burn that a diamond needs!


A day will come when you will be at the top,

It will be the day when you will connect the dots,

That day you will realise the importance of failure,

And the game of life will become clear!



I am back!

I am back after a long time,not too long but yes three to four months is a bit longer!

So where did I go? No where!!

I was here only at my sweet home but I decided to give an entrance exam for my masters degree. The exam is for one of the premier institutes of my country and so its a bit tougher and hence I had to dedicate some time for its preparation. The last three months was a fantastic experience for me. I know studying isn’t fantastic for everyone but I enjoyed it!

Sorry my followers, you didn’t get any interesting stuff to read from me from three months! I know I have very few followers as its a new blog but still!

My exam was on November 29 and it was in afternoon. I know afternoon exams are a bit tiring but I was helpless,I got the second slot. Moreover the guys threw my exam center far away from my house and I had to leave early in morning by train. Anyways, its over now and the exam went quite fine. The result is in January. I wish I get selected this year only.

Soon I will be presenting some new posts and you will love reading it!



So it’s Saturday. I am sitting free at home. Though it doesn’t matters much to me as this is vacation for me! I recently completed my graduation and I am placed in a good multinational company. But they will call me after around 4 months! So now I am a free bird. Cool!

I can do whatever I want, whatever I enjoy, whatever I feel like doing! I have no tension and no deadline! I am just enjoying life now. I read novels, watch movie, hang out with friends, spend time with my family, listen to the great speakers of all time on the internet,click amazing shots of nature, write blog posts and even read articles based on technology! After all I did my graduation in engineering!

I am discovering something in me which I have never discovered before. The best of yourself can be discovered when you are free! I have found some of the things which I like by this time but I am still hungry to find out that one thing that could give me extreme pleasure! Haha, of course apart from sex!

I would say to everyone to take time to find your true interests. Don’t just follow your friends and peers but just wake up. Go and discover your true destiny. Do painting, write stories, sing or compose songs, write a blog, give public speeches, have a look at some interesting technology, do photography, try various foods and the list never ends. You never know for which of these you might be made for and which can transform your life. So just keep on trying various stuffs till you get something which gives you the adrenaline rush!

You will be amused to find your unknown destiny when you discover it. So never give up, have the thirst and let the search go on. Let us together search our destiny! Wow, we can even share with each other if we find it!

Now I have a very simple question for you my friends, why don’t you like and follow my blog when you can do it in just one click!


Around 10 major religions!

More than 4200 total religions!

Almost infinite sects within religions!

What were the religions made for?

They were made so that, we human beings, could live in harmony and be happy!

But what are we doing with religion today?

We are just loving our religion and hating other religion. Under the disguise of protecting their religion, many people are hurting sentiments of other people!

Is it what religion was made for? We have actually forgot the true meaning of religion. We are performing more of rituals and understanding less of knowledge that religion intended to teach us. Most people think that if they just visit church, temple, mosque or whatever their worshiping place, god will be happy with them and will give them happiness. But if you go through the teachings of few religions, you will find that all the religions have one common teaching – to help other people and give them happiness!

However, this is what we are not doing!

Some people are very keen on spreading and protecting their religion. They very strongly protest against the things which they think does not comply with their religious practices. They say that they know how to protect their god!! Oh hello, you are a tiny creature on a small planet of a large solar system of an even large galaxy of the larger universe and you are trying to protect the creator of all these stuff! How funny is that. Remember, god can protect himself.

In today’s life, instead of happiness and a feeling of strength what religion is leading to is a more of fight! Everyday we hear some attack because of religious issue!

Also, why most people follow religious practices is because of fear! They don’t visit church or temples because they love the god from heart but because they want some of their work to be done. As you can see with some students, they will not worship god during entire year but will do so during their exams!

Why do we forget to understand that god is only one – with just many forms!

God created all of us. He didn’t create religions. He sent all of us with a similar body structure (of course a bit different for males and females!) without any identification mark of any religion. Religions were created by human beings for our own well-being, to have a feeling of strength when everything is against us. I am not of the opinion that we should not follow religion or be atheist but what I mean is we should even respect other religions and their followers. Remember that everyone’s creator is one and the same!

Our world can be a very better place to live if we all live together with harmony and respect all religions. Every religion has something to learn and some of them are superstitions.

It is up to us to choose the right things from all religions and inculcate it in our lives.

I would like to hear your thoughts and outlook in comments!


I was bored.

Little bit frustrated.

To some extent was feeling lethargic.

It was the effect of a long busy schedule, which almost everyone on this earth is suffering!

So, I called up one of my friend and asked, “Why not we spare some time and enjoy the beauty of nature? Why not visit a beach?” Without thinking much he agreed to it and it was all set that in the evening we will go out for a walk on beach, for a deep satisfaction and happiness I must say!

As decided, we stepped out for an evening walk on the beach. You will not believe me but the cool sea breeze seemed to carry away all my worries, all my stress and I don’t know how but I was feeling a kind of eternal happiness! May be because I was having a very busy and stressful schedule for the last few months.

Those of you who already read my ‘very first post’ might remember that I got the idea to start my blog on that beach only! We enjoyed some of our favorite foods there. It was fun watching small children playing football there. It made me remember my childhood days. We sometimes get so busy in our daily lives that we actually forget to ‘live’. But I think there is no point in living life without enjoying small and little things like the sunrise, the sunset, the butterfly sitting on flower, the waves of sea splashing our body, and many such things! 

We even did a bit of photography. Though we had only our cell phones with us and no digital SLR cameras! However we enjoyed taking pictures of all the little stuffs here and there!



sunset 1

From now on, I have made it a kind a routine to go out somewhere every weekend and enjoy the beauty of nature.

After all we have got a ‘life’ which is a ‘treasure’ and we must not just waste our days in doings the things which don’t bring happiness to us!

So all my friends who are giving their precious time to read my blog, please remember that at the end, in your deathbed what you will remember is not your money, not your professional work but what you will mainly remember is the small-small happiness which you gave to other people and the small-small things which gave happiness to you. So let us live life to the fullest. Let’s go to some resort, watch an exciting movie with friends and family, take risks and do stuffs which we love to do!

In one of the books of the great author “Robin Sharma”, a line inspired me much. It said,

“Bring a smile on a stranger’s face each day and you will feel extreme happiness”

I have already started to try it and believe me, the kind of happiness you get is ultimate. This is because you are helping the stranger without any expectation in return!

So let us together make this world a better place by spreading happiness!

Likes and comments will be appreciated 🙂

I am new to the bloggers community and I would feel very nice if you all encourage me 🙂


Hello friends, let me introduce you to some of the most exotic places in the world. Yeah, the ‘exotic’ matches with my blog name! I would just love to visit all these places. Next time when you make a holiday plan, you can even consider these options! Have a look at this.


Godafoss waterfall, Iceland waterfall godafoss iceland
Another great greenery in Iceland Iceland1

Greenland greenland

greenland moulin

Black forest, Germany

black forest germany

Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska


mendenhall ice caves 2

The Tunnel Of Love, Ukraine


Dal Lake, Kashmir, India

Dal-Lake kashmir

Sikkim, India



Aren’t these places good enough for one to relax and relieve all stress? I think our small stress is nothing in front of mesmerizing nature!

You can express your views in comments section!


Hi, this is my very first post.

So for those of you who are visiting my blog, its for you! I would like to share with you why I started this blog!!

So it all begins this way. One evening I was just sitting freely on a beach enjoying the cold breeze when suddenly it came to my mind – why not I have my own personal space on internet where I can share my thoughts, my views, my opinion about the interesting and marvelous things in the world, around all of us, having influence on us.

The obvious answer for the internet space was the BLOG! I preferred WordPress as after a bit of research I came to know that it provides a lot of exciting themes and options.

So here it is – EXOTIC OUTLOOK – my new blog!

My friends, I would like to share with you all, various aspects of life, nature, technology and even business in an exotic manner!

I hope that you will enjoy my posts and encourage me by liking and commenting on my post and following my blog!